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Question #19003 posted on 09/22/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear Been in the HFAC for awhile and Dexinger(I now know who you are!),

[re: Board Question #18406]

Not all the skits we've done will be put on the website, that would be impractical. However, certain skits (such as headliners, videos, etc.) will be put on the Videos section of Phantom of the HFAC should be there soon.

- Joel Hilton

P.S. "Soon" . . .that's a vague word. Huh.

A: Dear Joel (oh yeah? Well, I know who YOU are!),

I learned in a class the other day that "soon" used to mean "right this very now." Children would hear their parents say "I'll do that soon," and then watched what they did. The natural deduction was that soon meant what it's evolved into now- "later, but a later in the near future." So procrastination changed the real meaning of the word. I thought it was interesting, anyway.