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Question #191 posted on 08/07/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I know that every Sunday night at about 10:00 a bunch of people, freshmen mostly, gather at the tunnel outside the Mariott, and sings praises unto heaven. I am a frequent there, and I enjoy doing so. I was actually wondering how long this has been going on. Is it a long standing tradition, or only something that just got started? My friends and I have always just referred to it as tunnel singing. Is there actually any official name or anything, or do they just meet and sing?
- Wonder Boy

A: Dear Wonder Boy,
No dear friend, this is an organized weekly event, every Sunday at 10pm in the tunnel by the Marriott Center. It all started in 1992, when Mark Killingbeck, then a resident assistant at Q Hall of Deseret Towers, organized tunnel singing. It's called just that-tunnel singing-and it's becoming a tradition (but mostly a freshman tradition) at BYU. I will admit I did it too, 4 years ago. Silly, silly years, those freshman years.
- Duchess