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Question #1959 posted on 12/12/2003 10:44 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Sometimes when I yawn greatly(for lack of a better term) This muscle or something tightens up in my neck, right behind my chin and hurts a bit for 10 or so seconds until it 'releases'. What is it and what's up with it?

-IN pain when tired.

A: Dear IN,

Dang! You're screwed up!

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear IN pain,
There's a possibility that you are afflicted with temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome (TMJDS). TMJDS is apparantly very common, and affects two-thirds of all people at least once in their lifetime. Check out the following link for possible treatments, if you feel you have a serious condition, as always, seek professional care. Or don't, but don't sue us when your head explodes for some weird reason.
::: Latro :::