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Question #19970 posted on 10/26/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Did Mormon, when he was abridging the Book of Mormon, break it into it its present-day books, chapters, and verses, or was this done in latter-days? If it was done in latter-days, how was it decided where to make the divisions? I mean, some divisions make perfect sense, while others seem to be chopped up in somewhat awkward places.

- Have always wondered.

A: Dear have always wondered,

The most Mormon broke the Book of Mormon up into were the books that it is comprised of (i.e.; First Nephi, Second Nephi, and so forth). The original copy of the Book of Mormon had much fewer chapters than the current edition did. Parley P. Pratt organized early editions of the Book of Mormon into chapters and verses. Some of the breaks are pretty awkward, as you mentioned. Some of them were cleaned up as the book went through reprintings, but for the most part, chapter and verse breaks stand where they were when Parley Pratt created them.

- Optimistic.