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Question #2044 posted on 12/19/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What would Governor Arnold done if he had been the one to find Saddam?
-Bruce Willis

A: Dear Bruce,

I assume he would have groped him, that seems to be his style.

The captain
A: Dear Bruce Willis,

That's a pretty moot question, considering Arnold does not have the smarts to do anything even one thirtieth as cool as find Saddam.

A: Dear Bruce,
Nothing. Arnold, just like yourself, is an actor, not a soldier. He doesn't really do that stuff you see him do on tv. You might want to try checking back into reality.
A: Dear Bruce,

He would make darn sure that Saddam, just like all the rest of the non-residents, doesn't have a California driver's license.

-CGNU Grad