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Question #20549 posted on 11/11/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear Fabulous 100 Hour Board,

First of all, sorry if this sounds like I'm clueless in this subject, I pretty much am. I'm wanting to get a gym membership, preferably at Gold's since all of my roommates work out there. Here's the thing though. I kind of want to try it out before I committ to a year or 2 year contract and make sure I'll really will go. Is there any way of getting a contract that's only 1-3 months long or so? Are you able buy someone's gym membership from them and if so, where could I find one that's mostly done?

- *

A: Dear *,

I must admit I don't have the faintest idea...

...but, fortunately, Board Question #16396 does.

The archives are your friend, dear readers. With close to 21,000 answered questions, there's a good chance your answer is in there somewhere.

- Pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity