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Question #20825 posted on 11/21/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Okay, so I was reading in Helaman. So the people are all prospering and stuff and in 11:20 it says that they "began to build up their waste places." what in the world does this mean? thanks for your help!

-should i waste more?

A: Wasting Away,

Swamps, "The Land of Desolation" and alkali-rich soils have all historically been waste places. Perhaps it refers to these.

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A: Dear should i?,

The chapters and verses leading up to Helaman 11:20 all talk about a war between the Nephites and the Gadianton robbers. There was fighting and a famine, both of which are discussed in detail in Chapter 10. I would imagine those two events created a fair amount of waste places. The places that had been destroyed by the war and famine were rebuilt during this age of prosperity.

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