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Question #211 posted on 08/04/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How can I get a beard card? I'm a Mormon with no skin problems, and I'm not in any plays, so I have neither religious, nor medical, nor allowable artistic justification.
- Beardless since enrollment

A: Beardless-
It's simple: Graduate, get the heck out of Provo, and then you can finally commit the dastardly sin of (GASP!!!) facial hair. Until then, good luck. There is no way you'll get a beard card here without a notarized doctor's excuse, a lead role in a play, an executive order, a "friend" in high places in the Honor Code office, or some incriminating photos of the BYU beard-card enforcers.
- He Who Begrudgingly Shaves His 5:00 Shadow