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Question #2158 posted on 12/27/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
The question I have had for a while, is how in the world do mosquitos, flies, and other little annoying bugs survive the winter? This area isn't exactly conducive to winter reproduction for insects, so how do they do it?
- didn't pay attention in Biology

A: Dear Biology deficient,

There are a couple of different ways. Female mosquitos can hibernate, and revive when the weather gets warmer. If they mated in late fall, that means they're ready to lay eggs and start the whole mess over again. Also, some species of insects can lay eggs capable of surviving extreme cold - again, basically a hibernation concept, except that they haven't hatched yet. Come spring, here come the bugs. Some bugs move inside - I've noticed spiders especially like to move indoors, given the chance.

- The Bugmaster