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Question #21719 posted on 12/27/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A few days ago The Mummy was on T.V. and I began wondering... (oh no right?) It says that Imhotep will bring with him the 10 plagues of Egypt. What are the 10, because I thought there was only 7? Do they show all of them in the movie because I counted them and I only counted 6? Thanks for even doing this over the break, y'all are pretty much amazing!

- Miss Nesbit

A: Dear Miss Nesbit,

The ten plagues are listed below. The ones with asterisks were not shown in the Mummy movie.

First Plague: Water turned to Blood
*Second Plague: Frogs
*Third Plague: Lice or Gnats
Fourth Plague: Flies
*Fifth Plague: Death of Livestock
Sixth Plague: Boils
Seventh Plague: Hail and Fire
Eighth Plague: Locust
Ninth Plague: Darkness
*Tenth Plague: Death of Firstborn

You were wrong. There are ten plagues. On the other hand, you were right about how many were in the movie. Only six were shown.