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Question #21905 posted on 01/06/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What does "lowliness of heart" mean? (1 Nephi 2:19)
-Starting the BOM again

A: Dear Reading For x-th Time,

I believe that lowliness of hart means that a person is seeking for God with humility. The BOM often refers to pride as being "puffed up," often with expansion to "hardness of heart." Its opposite, then, is to be low. A low heart is flexible, pliable, willing to change, and willing to follow whatever the Lord wants person x to do.
In other areas of the BOM, there is a reference to doctrines being carved into the fleshy tables ot the heart, and how could the heart be fleshy if it is a stone, or metallic? The revelation that Jesus is the Christ by the Holy Ghost is the rock, and if properly nurished, akin to as a seed of faith, That writes in the fleshy tables of the heart. What carves up flesh or soil better than a tool (stone of metal?)

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