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Question #2200 posted on 01/03/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I recently discovered Zwan and I think it's a great band. Is it true that Billy Corgan plays all the instruments and they're just mixed together?

::: Moist Towelettes :::

A: Dear Moist Towelettes (who is ripping off :::Latro:::'s signature signature),

According to http://www.d13network.com/z-mb/ which is linked from http://www.zwan.com/ (which I would then think to be legitimate), no, Billy Corgan does not do everything...leave that to Bobby McFerrin. He does vocals and guitar... Others do the rest, as well as some guitar.

-CGNU Grad
A: Dear Towelboy,

No, you are thinking of his now defunct band Smashing Pumpkins. He did all of the instruments there and stilfled all creativity from the other band members. To his credit, I doubt any of their creativity was better than his.

The captain