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Question #22359 posted on 01/25/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Every morning at exactly 8 o'clock a noise like a low, loud, horn sounds off. I don't know if it can be heard all around Provo, I live on 900E and hear it quite well. No one I ask seems to know what it comes from. Does anyone have any idea what makes this noise every morning?
- Conquistador if the Useless

A: Dear Useless,

It's a train.

A: Dear Conq,

I also live around that area and while flippant might be sure it is a train, I'm not. It sounds more like a factory whistle. I listened to it just the other morning and started going through what it could be.

We checked with some people who are pretty knowledgeable about the factories in the area and while there was agreement that it was a factory whistle, no one knew the origin.

Also checked with the Provo Police to see if they had any idea of what it was. No dice there, either.

So the Provo mystery whistle retains its name.