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Question #22404 posted on 01/25/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I currently live in Heritage Halls and am starting to look at housing for next year with my roommates. So far we're considering Glenwood, can you tell us anything about them? Do you know of any other places that are close to campus and groceries (none of us have a car)? Is there any other advice you can give us in our search for decent off-campus living?

- Kali

A: Dear Kali,

I refer you to Board Question #10328. Enough said.

Ok, ok fine. But if none of you have a car... how come you're even thinking about Glenwood? It's not exactly the closest to campus. Oh well. We can talk about Glenwood.

Glenwood, Riviera, and Raintree are all owned by the same management and from what I've seen, they're all really similar. As with any apartment complex, you'll have the good and the bad. Let's do top fives.

The Top 5 Reasons to Live at Glenwood
1. Social. If you're looking for fun, a big complex is the way to go. There's always something going on. People know that these are social complexes so that's the kind of people that move there.
2. Fun wards. I know people say that these wards aren't the most spiritual. I think it depends which ward you get. Just be careful.
3. Monthly cleaning checks. I'm sorry but these are important. Once a semester is not enough.
4. Pools. I can't even tell you how enjoyable they are... during the day.
5. Parking isn't enforced until curfew. Face it, when you have people over, they need somewhere to park. It's nice to know they won't get towed.

The Top 5 Reasons Not to Live at Glenwood
1. Too social. I don't know about you but there comes a point in the night when I'm just ready to go to bed. I want everyone to go home and I want my apartment quiet. There are times when that doesn't happen at these complexes.
2. Farther from campus. Addressed above.
3. No private rooms F/W. The rooms are Riviera are bigger than Glenwood or Raintree. That's good. And, at Riviera you can have 4 people per apartment. Maybe you can at Glenwood too. I can't remember.
4. Not enough parking. (Then again, what complex does have enough?)
5. Riviera and Glenwood are older. Ok. I've seen inside all three of these complexes. Raintree is a little better, I think, but Riviera and Glenwood are pretty... old.

Doesn't all of that look better in list format?

I think if you have girls that you already know and are planning on living with, you'll be fine. These complexes are fun but they tend to have younger, less mature girls. That kind of girls equals a lot of cattiness. Really, it does. A lot of it depends on the girls in your apartment more than the apartments in the complex. If you have a great ward but bad people in your apartment, it's not going to be fun because they won't participate in anything. Know what I mean?

When looking for an apartment, try asking the girls that actually live there. The management will tell you what they want you to hear but the girls are generally good at telling you what they think. Also, talk to friends about where they've lived. They know you and will know if you would like a place or not.

And, as always, check the archives for ideas about other complexes. There's tons in there.

- Lavish