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Question #2247 posted on 01/10/2004 midnight

Dear Mighty Quinn,
Are these "washboard abs" as impressive as I've heard?

- Very Interested

A: Dear Very Interested-


A: Dear Very Interested,

Honestly, it depends on how often I've been working out. If I'm doing my usual four hour/day routine they're usually pretty solid. However, if I'm slacking and only get in an hour or two a day they tend to lose some of their impressiveness (don't get me wrong, you can still do your laundry on them, but you should only use lightly soiled clothes... nothing with heavy stains).

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear Very Interested,

Resoundingly YES. MQ's abs, while softer than diamonds, would still require a jackhammer to penetrate them, putting them roughly on par with cement. The only problem with them is they're blindingly pasty white...I'm still seeing spots from my one and only exposure to them.

A: Dear VI,

No lie, I ran into His Abness on Thursday at Gold's. Sickeningly ripped.