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Question #2259 posted on 01/07/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I vote we give the terrorists North Dakota.
It doesn't exist anyway.
- Very Interested

A: Dear Very Interested,

I would make the same claim about French policy and intellect. I say we give them france, then we'll never have to save them from the Germans again. I think the UN would approve that since it makes no sense, is bad to all those involved, and will probably cost american lives. Why don't we declare the UN a terrorist organization and fight them along with al Qaeda. They both support the Palestinian terrorist state, both give funds to these terrorists, and both believe the US is the main problem in the world.... The UN and al-Qaeda are one and the same!

The captain
A: Dear VI,


A: Dear VI,

Oh, good grief. Now don't start that again.

--Cucumber squared