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Dear 100 Hour Board,

How do I find cool vintage photos on BYU's website?
BYU-I's were easy enough to locate. http://www.lib.byui.edu/searchByuiFotos.htm

- Dudley Heinsbergen, who just can't get enough of those bouffants, big glasses, and closet Commies.

A: Dear Dudley,

Ok, I must be totally missing something in this question because I found the answer right away. Not that I'm complaining.

When I clicked on the url you provided it takes me to a site where I can search for photographs of BYU Idaho.

At the top, in the tan bar, there's a link to CES Digital Collections. Click that. That will take you to the Online Collections at BYU. The first choice is Campus Photographs ("Historical photographs documenting campus life at BYU and BYU Idaho"). Select it. Scroll down a bit. Choose BYU Photographs. That's what you wanted, right?

Simple enough. If, for some strange reason, you want to complicate things, you could start at www.byu.edu and go to libraries on the Main Menu. Then pick Harold B. Lee Library. Scroll down to the purple section called "A Library for the World..." Choose "Online Collections at BYU" and go from there. I suppose that's still pretty simple though, too.

- Lavish