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Question #23008 posted on 02/13/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Howdy. I'm researching for a paper on recycling on campus and in Provo. Several posts have proved helpful. I was especially intrigued by post Board Question #13412, which claimed that some of the recyclables actually placed in their appropriate bins end up in the dump. Does anyone happen to have a source for said claim? It would be fabulous if such existed.

- property of cjc

A: Dear Property of CJC,
There is a source, but it's rather fuzzy. The original writer who answered Board Question #13412, Benvolio, says he had a roommate who worked custodial. (I think half of BYU has worked for custodial or had a roommate who did.) This roommate would deal with the recycling, but when they had too much, they just junked the rest. The roommate was told that BYU's contract was only for a certain amount of recyclable material. If they exceeded that limit, the rest would just go in the trash. So there's your source-a roommate of a former Board writer. If you want a more reputable source, call the BYU recycling hotline at 2-4662.

- de novo -