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Question #2301 posted on 01/12/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
The question of guys shaving the leg hair brought a question to my mind. Is it true that if you do shave your leg/chest/etc hair it will grow in thicker? And if that is true, I would just as soon never shave my legs so it won't grow in thicker, and keep on having to repeat the process.
- Wishing that this folklore were true for baldness

A: Dear Baldy,

That was actually answered fairly recently. Check out the archives.

- Scruffy
A: Dear Wishing,

The reference for the previous posting is Board Question #1862.

- The Webmaster
A: Dear Wishing,

And the answer if you don't want to look it up is NOPE. This answer is also NOPE if you have this question: "Even if hair did grow back thicker would guys date/look at/touch/speak to/retain their stomach contents when they're around/approach me if I were to quit shaving my legs?"