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Question #23044 posted on 02/15/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Maren and I want to know if the library on campus does random fine forgivings. Do they?

The two best Librariacs at USU

A: Dear You and Maren,

Nothing random about it, in my experience. It's wholesale. I didn't pay a single library fine in the five years I attended BYU. I've heard of people having to pay fines -- indeed, I had a roommate who accrued and had forgiven so many fines that she was told she would never have another fine forgiven as long as her student-life was lived -- but so long as you don't abuse the privilege, I'm pretty sure they just forgive all the fines that come their way. And, really, I did abuse the privilege, but the privilege just kept coming back for more.

(I suppose there's a difference between my monthly five-or-ten dollar fines, though, and my roommate's checking out forty-two books and keeping them all for seven weeks after the due date. That, baby, is abusing the privilege.)

-A. A. Melyngoch
A: Dear Librariacs,

See also Board Question #10942.

- Katya