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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you have any suggestions for where I could buy an old (pre-1985) LDS hymnbook? It strikes me as a bit obscure, even for Amazon or Ebay.

- Misses "Come Thou Font"

A: Dear Misses,

Try D.I. I've seen them there before. Or your parents/grandparents might have one.

- Beemer Boy
A: Dear Missing-That-Which-Is-Gone-Forever,
I have one. Somewhere. If my parents haven't thrown it out. I got it when a Church library was thinning out its old stock. Ask around at family wards, maybe.
A: Dear MCTF,

My personal suggestion is http://deseretbook.com/auctions and do a search for hymnal. When I did the search it brought back a hymnal from 1918 for $10. The last time I logged in, there was an option for a wish list that could help you find what you wanted also.

Good Luck,
-Pa Grape