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Question #23131 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What makes a parking spot a "Compact" spot? Is it the width? The length? The length of "backing up and getting out space"? Are there any regulations or is it up to the discretion of the lot painter?

- Is A Minivan A Compact?

A: Dear Driver,

Compact parking spots are determined by the length of the stall. Each city makes their own rules about the dimensions of the stall as well as how many spots there need to be, how many of those spots need to be disability spots, how many can be compact, etc. I did compare a few different local cities though and their regulations all seem to be pretty similar.

According to Provo City Code , all parking spaces need to be at least eight and a half feet by eighteen feet. There wasn't anything about compact spaces for Provo though so I went with Lehi because they require the same size of standard parking stalls. In Lehi, compact spaces are nine feet by sixteen feet. So that's the difference. The average standard stall is two feet longer than compact stalls.

Now, to address your second question. Is a minivan considered a compact? Right off the bat I would say no but I'd like to give you evidence as well (read: I want you to admire my math skills).

(The following dimensions are based on 2006 models and in length x width format. I also converted all of them from millimeters or inches to feet.)

Nissan Quest- 17.01' x 6.47'
Honda Odyssey- 16.76' x 6.43'
Toyota Sienna- 16.66' x 6.45'
Ford Freestar- 16.75' x 6.37'
Kia Sedona- 16.83' x 6.53'

Compact Cars
Nissan Sentra- 14.79 x 5.61'
Honda Civic- 14.57' x 5.74'
Toyota Corolla- 14.86' x 5.78'
Ford Focus- 14.6' x 5.78'
Kia Rio- 13.91' x 5.56'

As you can see, the vehicles would all fit in the width of a compact or standard parking spot. However, if a compact stall is only sixteen feet, all of the minivans would be longer than the compact spots. So no. A minivan would not be considered a compact (and how ‘bout those math skills?).

- Lavish

P.S. I wonder if my car is compact... Let's see... 4,394 divided by 10... times .394... divided by 12... 14.42... Huh. Yeah, mine is compact. Cool.