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Question #23137 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm a tall girl (5'8) and i've been noticing around campus that the guys here are on the short side...so i was wonder
How many students that are at BYU are:
1) Of the male gender
2) Single
3) Taller than 5'10?

- Feeling like a giant

A: Dear Feeling,

(Raises his hand). That's one.

That is all.

A: Dear Feeling,

I'm two of the three. Does that help?

-- Only 5' 7"
A: My Dearest Feels Like a Giant,

All of the above.

-The Right Reverend Rusky Roo
A: Dear feeling like a giant-

is not what I would term "tall";
most guys here are more.

-Grabthar's Hammer

Note: the average height of an American male is 5'10", younger men (like those at BYU) are usually above that mark.
A: Dear Feeling like a giant,

According to http://www.solvedating.com/american-singles-height.html, about 40% of American single men are 5'10 or taller. According to http://unicomm.byu.edu/about/factfile/demo.aspx?lms=9, 32% of the men at BYU are married, leaving you with 68% of them single. And of about 30,000 students, 51.7% are men.

This gives you approximately 15,510 men, 10,547 of which are single. If we assume that BYU's single height demographics don't diverge significantly from American single height demographics in general*, then you've got something like 4,219 single men at BYU who are over 5'10 to choose from. This is about 14.1% of the total population of BYU undergrads, which means that about one in every seven people you meet at BYU will fit those standards. I think the numbers are in your favor.

-A. A. Melyngoch

*BYU's population is probably on average taller, because it's also ethnically homogenous with far fewer people of Hispanic or Asian descent than the United States generally, but I don't feel like working in all the statistics when I doubt it will alter the outcome significantly.