"If it's causing you more stress than it's worth... it's not worth it." - Yellow

Dear Horatio (and others who have an opinion about this),

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to ask more than one question. However, they are all closely related. I promise not to complain if it takes more than 100 hours. :)

Why do you think that Hamas won?

Do you think that the US and EU should cut off funds to the new Hamas-led government?

Do you think that the new government will bring about some much-needed change?

Do you think that Hamas will become more moderate, possibly even recognize Israel?

I would love to give my opinions too, but it's not my board. :) So I'm anxiously awaiting yours...

- Meg

A: Dear Meg-

Hamas has problems, but internal corruption is much more limited than current Palestian leadership.

The US and EU should not provide money to groups that advocate terrorism as a political tool.

Corruption will be curtailed, but Hamas is unlikely to work toward a lasting solution.

Perhaps Hamas will moderate, but I'm not ready to believe that until they start acting like a legitimate government.

-The Franchise