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Question #23143 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was just wondering, if it is possible to eat 7 saltine crackers, normal size, in one minute? Some of my friends have tried this and weren't able to do it, and I was wondering if anyone ever has?

- Napolean27

A: Dear Napolean27,

Naturally, we had to try the challenge ourselves. At the time the question came through we were talking so, just for the fun of it, we thought we would include the following accurate account of our conversation in our answer...

Lavish: Wow. That's hard.
I tried the Saltine question.
I thought it would be super easy.
It's not.
Quandary: lol
I saw that one.
Lavish: Try it.
Quandary: I don't have any saltines around or I would.
Lavish: Oh. Well, then trust me, it's hard.
I had 4 in 50 seconds.
I'm going to do it though.
[gets more Saltines]
Quandary: lol
Does it make your mouth too dry or what?
Lavish: Yeah.
Like WAY dry.
Now I know what to expect though.
There has to be a strategy to this. Hmm...Eat smaller bites?
Quandary: Yeah but then you might not be able to eat them fast enough.
Lavish: I was trying two at a time. What would you do?
Quandary: Hmm...Try to swallow them as quickly as possible so that they're not drying out your mouth as much.
Lavish: Man. There's no way. If you eat them one at a time, how many seconds is that per cracker?
Quandary: Between 8 and 9
Now I want to try it.
Lavish: Do!
Quandary: I guess I could go and get some.
Lavish: Ugh. Trying to drink fluids while eating them is not a good idea. Especially not apple juice.
Quandary: I would try water personally. But yeah.
Lavish: Yeah but I figured it'd be cheating to do that.
Quandary: Yeah, that's what I thought.
Lavish: Ok, let me try a full minute.
Hang on. Two took me 30 seconds.
Start over.
It's impossible.
If you eat ‘em fast, they scratch your mouth.
The corners of my mouth hurt now.
Quandary: Ok, I acquired some saltines.
So I'll try now.
Lavish: Yay!
Quandary: Darn. I only managed five.
It's so hard to swallow.
Lavish: See!
It's hard!
Quandary: I know.
I'll try it again.
Lavish: Ok.
Quandary: Hmm.
That time was even worse.
I think it's impossible to do even 6.


Now FYI, we tried eating the crackers before we looked it up and knew how others fared. We didn't know it would be so hard. A quick search reveals that:

1. Your friends aren't the first to attempt this feat.
2. There are people that can conquer this challenge.

For details on both, see here .

Apparently, we're not among those who can. Sorry.

- Lavish and Quandary