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Question #23154 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Chefs of the 100 Hour Board,

I am uneducated in the art of cooking chicken, which is very sad because I love chicken. All I really know how to do with it is cook it in a skillet (like in stir fry) and bake it (a few recipes at least). Some odd quirk possessed me recently to by a whole chicken (probably because it was cheap). It is now sitting in my freezer, and has been for some time, but I feel clueless and I don't know what I can do with it. I know how to defrost it, and I have some instructions (with pictures, even) of how to cut it up, but as far as cooking it goes, I'm at a loss. Can I just cut it up and boil it, and if so, what's the procedure and will the meat just fall off the bone? And after that, then what? What can I do with boiled chicken? Any general whole-chicken help would be fabulous. Thanks for your help!

- De-Funked Chicken

A: Dear In Possession of a Culinary Artpiece,

What can't you do with a whole chicken is more the question? You can roast it, boil it, and yes, get it off the bones, add a quick bag of frozen peas and carrots to the mix and make chicken noodle soup, you can cut it up and mix it with chopped celery, green or black olives, (or simply pimento) and make chicken salad, you can make chicken pasta salad, um, enchiladas... soften tortillas by lightly frying them in oil and then take your chicken mixed with onions and spices and put in the tortillas and bake with enchilada sauce, um, you can make casseroles, and quiche, um....

Can you tell that my Mom cooked and chicken wasn't the least of her worries?

Last year a roommate of mine introduced me to this yummy chicken pop-over thing where you take cooked chicken and mix it with cream cheese, onion and garlic powder, perhaps actual chopped onion, roll it into a crescent roll thing, and then bake until browned. Sinful, though delicious.

Um, let's see... there is such a thing as chicekn pizza, though usually using a white sauce instead of red. There's chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo, chicken chili...

For more chicken recipes, try recipesource.com, a subsidiary of the old Berkeley recipe site, with recipes in all sorts of places about all sorts of things.

Yours from the culinary side,
Lady Last Line