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Question #23161 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Some opinions, if you please.

Lately I've been sick with various ailments that have kept me from going to a class that I'm auditing. As it is, I'm already taking a bunch of other classes, and I just... I think I'm becoming lazy or re-prioritizing as I am starting to see my sudited class as either a) not worth my time, or b) I'm just being lazy and really don't want to take the time out from studying for other classes.

So, in your opinion, should I continue to go, even though I don't have the homework up to this point done, or should I just say, "Whatever" and work on the stuff that will actually effect my GPA?

A Little Torn But Not Forlorn

PS. Any and all writers encouraged to expound their views on this question. No such thing as a "wrong" answer.

A: Dear Not Forlorn,

I would recommend that yes, you make your "real" classes first priority, particularly if they are major classes. Whether or not you continue to attend your audited class is up to you, but for your own personal gain, if you can do it (and still keep good grades in your other classes), I'd recommend going. Learning's always good, right?

A: Dear Torn:

I agree with Nike, but I happen to teach classes here too and so I can speak for the other side. There's nothing that drives me more bonkers than having a student beg and beg and beg to audit my course then never show up to class after I sign their card. I understand that life gets busy and your other "real" classes get harder, but if you're taking up a spot in a class that someone else could have been in who really would have cared, then I think you should put equal effort into the classes you're auditing. Otherwise, you're just wasting precious space.

But then again I'm just bitter at all my students that are auditing and never coming. Rude.

A: Dear A Little,

Cut your losses. Focus on the other classes. Let your TA know that you've been ill.

-pro student