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Question #23169 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100ish Hour Board,

There is a good possibility in my life of being married by the time fall semester comes around. I believe in the power of tithing. I believe in working hard in the summer to save all that I can. I am curious though what should I know to minimize any potential stress that shall occur in a marriage while attending school.

- Pure bliss

A: Pure bliss

Find out how the heck to get out of y'all's apartment contracts. That is by far the hardest part.

The lovely new Misses changes her name at the Social Security Center, the Records Office in the ASB, the DMV, and with any insurance company.

Both need to be together to make a joint Wells-Fargo account.

Tithing can be paid together.

Have Fun!
A: Dear Did you know there's a town in Idaho called Bliss? True story,

1. Decide how you want to handle your money. Who will pay the bills? Do you want a joint checking account or separate ones? Make a budget that you can both reasonably live by.

2. Be patient with the quirks of your spouse. Mr. Nike isn't the best at putting dishes in the dishwasher, but my blonde hair gets all over the house and I'm kind of freakish about dishes. We're still incredibly over the moon for each other. Especially when you have limited time together (as per the restraints of school and work), you don't want your minutes together ruined by silly arguments.

3. Make time to attend the temple and otherwise enhance your spirituality. You will be so glad when you do, because it enhances the presence of the Spirit in your marriage, and with the Lord's help, you can overcome anything. This is especially important during a busy life cycle like the one most of us currently inhabit, as it's only going to get busier when we have kids and real jobs, so you should get into the habit now.

4. Guard your alone time. There isn't anything wrong with going out with friends, but between everything else we have to do, Mr. Nike's and my alone time is AWESOME and we aren't afraid to say no to other things sometimes when we need to.

Good luck if you do decide to get married. I hope you enjoy the journey. :-)