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Question #23173 posted on 02/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Librariacs and the Board, too,

Regarding Board Question #23044.

Actually, I have seen people have to pay fines. It depends on the person who's helping you, and what kind of fine it is. If it's a fine for a reserve book, you'll probably be more likely to have to pay it. Or if you have an overdue fine for a lost book that you eventually found and turned in, the cost of the book will be dropped, but the overdue fines aren't forgiven. Other than that, it depends on what kind of mood the people at Circulation are in. But in any case, the library isn't trying to make money from fines, we just want to encourage you to turn your books in on time!

- Lil Sis

A: Dear Lil Sis,

Good point. To be fair, the question I linked did mention the exception for course reserve books. And if you actually work in circulation, I don't doubt that you have, occasionally, actually seen someone pay a fine. I still never have.

- Katya