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Question #234 posted on 07/31/2003 midnight

Dear Orco,
I also found the Karl G. Maeser bobblehead elusive. I did manage to find out that KBYU produced the video you saw at new student orientation. Unfortunately, it seems they only made the bobblehead for the purpose of the video, and didn't mass produce them. Though KBYU isn't saying where the one Maeser bobblehead resides, my guess is he's hidden somewhere in the HFAC's underworld with a chalk circle around him. That way, they can be sure he won't disappear.

I also managed to learn that the US Patent Office ( plans to award sole production rights of the Maeser bobblehead to BYU, so I am, unfortunately, unable to make one for you. You could, however, try the Bobblehead Factory, which makes custom bobbleheads ( Maybe if you don't mention the patent they'd oblige your Maeser kitsch desire.

- MrPhil