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Question #23543 posted on 03/07/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was reading question Board Question #23419 and I really liked what was discussed. I have been recently very frustrated with the attitudes held by a lot of LDS Utahns, and I thought that Katya said it very well.

"Another issue is the idea that we're all supposed to be living by the exact same standards. I think this is one of the great misconceptions of the Church - that if two people make different decisions on a point of doctrine one of them must be wrong, because there cannot possibly be different right answers for different people."

I try very hard to make good decisions, though I did not grow up in Utah, and it is hard for me to understand the hypermorality that is presented as hard doctrine. I don't watch tv on Sunday for example, but I still think that it is hyperanylzing the gospel to say that caffine is against the Word of Wisdom. I think that the hypersensitivity to drinking pop with caffine is "zeal without knowledge." (as Hugh Nibley put it.)

However, as I read on in the linked question, Board Question #6961, I found a couple of problems with my attitude. First, with more Mormons, there is an equally proportionate amount of bad ones as any other place in the world. Just because there is a higher concentration, it does not mean that the whole is bad.

Secondly, I found that I am judging those who judge others. A strange twist of things, but if I judge those who patronize others, I am doing the same to them. Nike also put it well in saying "Just remember that your life in the gospel is ultimately between two people: you and the Lord."

As I read on, I realized that, yes, there are some things I don't like. One for example is the commercialization of morality. But I also realized that as hypocritical as it may be, it is not my place to judge other people of it. I am responsible for what I choose to believe and do, but I am not to judge to what degree others show their devotion.

Thank you for the enlightening posts. I will not complain so much in the future.

A: Dear ...,

You're awesome. Thanks for adding your thoughts. :-)