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Question #2367 posted on 01/16/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Each morning and certain nights I can brush my back molars for minutes on end with impunity but on other nights I can't even brush near them without triggering my gag reflex. Why is that? How can I lower the sensitivity of my gag reflex?

- Oral B. Roberts

A: Dear Oral,

The gag reflex is like Chuck-A-Rama, don't try it and you won't throw up. Lower your gag reflex sensitivity by brushing way back on your tongue. This promotes fresh breath and helps you learn to control the urge to hurl potato salad against the bathroom mirror. Be careful. Seeing yourself blow chunks like that could make you puke again.

A: Dear Oral,
Practice has helped me control my gag reflex. That's right I practice gagging myself without gagging. Just try it.
A: Hey B-Man,

Wow, Inglore, I practice suppressing my gag reflex too! In fact, I have almost no gag reflex left at all! Besides, gagging is for wimps.

-CGNU Grad