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Question #23864 posted on 03/20/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Matrimonially Gifted Board Writers,

Did any of you factor in PMS while planning a wedding date? I'm thinking the middle of the month would be a bad time...

-Yes Dear, I'm wrong and you're beautiful.

A: Dear Right and Beautiful:

I unfortunately didn't factor in PMS. I did however factor in the whole menstral cycle so the wedding didn't fall on a bad day as far as that goes. I don't really get grouchy or PMS-ing though. . .so it might be helpful with all the stress and havoc that will be going on to plan around your PMS.

Good luck, and hooray for weddings!

A: Dear Yes Dear,

One thing to consider: If you're going to be on an oral birth control pill, they often decrease symptoms of PMS. You can also manipulate when your period is going to be if you're on the pill. Just something to take into account.

- de novo -