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Question #239 posted on 07/30/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board, <Br> I'm a FrontPage user and I was wondering what the difference is between the 'htm' and 'html' file extensions. Does it make a difference which one I use? <Br> - Duff

A: Dear Duff, <Br> There is no real difference in the files. Those of us who are Unix users prefer the .html file extension, because it is the original file extension for the HTML file type. Microsoft likes to pretend we're all still using DOS, and shortens everything to a 3 character extension, just like DOS used to make everyone do. But you can name things .html and they'll still work fine. I use .html because it just seems wrong to cut off the l. But it makes no real difference. <Br> - Webmaestro