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Question #2401 posted on 01/17/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What are snow drifts? I am from the south and I am not really familiar with snow. I have deduced kind of what they are from listening to other people talk about them, but I have heard different people refer to different things, with the same word.

- Confused one from dixie who didn't want to look dumb by asking someone I know

A: Dear Confused One From Dixie... blah blah blah...

Snow drifts are simply snow that has been blown by the wind to form large mounds/piles. When the wind is really whipping around and the snow is really falling, you can get drifts that are very deep.

Have you ever driven through Utah anywhere and seen odd looking fences on the side of the road that appeared to be the beginnings of a billboard? Well those are to prevent snow drifts from forming near/on the road. I don't really see the problem, but of course I'm only from Washington... we don't get much snow.

--Cereal Guy