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Question #2418 posted on 01/17/2004 12:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Are Paul O'Neill and Howard Dean good buddies?

A: Dear Dubya,

Funniest thing, I read an article today that said O'Neill still would vote for and endorse and campaign for George Bush. I think O'Neill is just embarrassed to death that he was the only major person fired from the Bush Administration. Lets face it, O'Neill is an absolute waste of oxygen. He makes all of these claims, one of which Bush was a bully and hurt his feelings. Can we get any more childish?

I predict that O'Neill will be a nonfactor in the next election. If Democrats try to court him, his policies will kill the Democratic base. If he criticizes the president even the left-wing parrots of CNN will claim that it is all sour grapes. A fair analogy is comparing Crowton to ONeill. Both were highly touted, both started out good, both ended up being miserable failures, both were fired... well, eventually both will be fired.

The Captain