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Question #243 posted on 07/30/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board, <Br> Why doesn't Benedick blow it out his ear? <Br> - crapface

A: Dear Crapface, <Br> My good friend Benedick has asked me to answer your question on his behalf. He doesn't think he'll be able to calmly answer you without getting somewhat hot- headed and making various inappropriate gestures. So I'll try to tactfully rephrase your question in such as way so that I may answer it politely. I assume that you mean to ask why Benedick prefers to make continual derogatory comments towards the female species as a whole. Or perhaps you mean to ask why he doesn't keep his views to himself. Whatever the question may be, the answer is that Benedick has always been an out-spoken fellow that says many things that he later regrets. It is in his nature to dispense advice liberally, but he is not entirely mistaken all of the time. Try to look through the bluster, and you'll find that much of what he says is true. <Br> - Claudio