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Question #24656 posted on 04/17/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have always been intreagued by Saltaire. On my way to Wendover last weekend, my husband and I passed Saltaire -- which I'd always heard had burned down.

We took Saltaire Drive and got as close as we dared, which was no closer than driving around the parking lot. There were office lights on inside, and a big sign that said, "No Re-Entrance" on the door. It just didn't seem too inviting.

Both coming and going, we saw a big white van owned by the State of Utah parked by the building. On the return trip, we even saw a bunch of people in forest green t-shirts and khaki/army camo pants get out of the van and walk toward Saltaire.

What's going on out there? Who is the state sending to a *seemingly* deserted old building? (My guess is people who have to do community service, but the outfits didn't mesh too well with that thought.)

Who owns Saltaire right now, and what are they doing with it? It looks like it's got a bunch of offices on the inside, but for having so many offices and so many lights on, there were only two vehicles in the parking lot ...on two different weekdays.

Any ideas about how I can learn more about the history of Saltaire? Book titles would be especially appreciated -- google doesn't turn much up.

Thanks, y'all

A: Dear logophile,

Saltair is now owned by a group of investors, who bought it in 2005. According to their website, it hosts concerts, comedy, private functions, trade shows, wedding receptions, sporting events, car shows, etc. It's also available for rent.

I contacted them to try and find out why the state was sending guys in camo out to Saltair, but they were unaware of it.

There's actually quite a lot of info about Saltair online. You just have to spell it without an 'e' on the end. Here are some of the websites I found:

http://historytogo.utah.gov/utah_chapters/statehood_and_the_progressive_era/saltair.html -- history of Saltair, complete with many historic photos.
http://www.thesaltair.com/ -- the official website, including a schedule of upcoming events held there.
http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tips/getAttraction.php3?tip_AttractionNo==6050 -- an interesting website about "the cursed resort."

This is just a sample. There is much more information to be found, as long as you spell the name correctly.

Now, about this curse: It's nothing to scoff at. My family stopped at Saltair once, on our way home to California when I was 10 or so. We parked our car and got out to have a look around. The place was deserted and smelled bad, so we didn't stay long, but when we got back to our car, it had been broken into (and we had locked it). So, visit at your own risk.

-Tangerine, who still gets creeped out when driving past Saltair