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Question #2466 posted on 01/19/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
If you've mono before, is there a way to kiss girls - and still be 100% confident they won't get it?
-Curious Jorge

A: Querio Jorge el Curioso:

There are only two ways to kiss girls: a quick peck, or a long, slow, tender, deep, passionate lingual spelunking. Either way you're running the risk. So share the love man.

Which gives me a good idea. When one of my friends got chicken pox, my parents sent me over to play at his house, as did the parents of several other kids in my ward. Sure enough, I got the pox, spread it to my siblings, and we haven't worried about it since. Mono's the same way; once you've had it, you won't get it again. So let's find some BYU student that has mono and have this like mass campus-wide NCMO-fest so that everyone who hasn't had mono can get it and be done with it. That would be *awe*some.

-- The Keeper of Meaty Broomsticks