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Question #24881 posted on 05/01/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I live in California and i want to get a couple of walkie talkies so that i can talk to one of my friends who lives about 5 miles away 24/7, but i read on the internet that in order to use a walkie-talkie with a range greater than about two miles, you must have a license. My question is, if i do not get a license and decide to use the walkie-talkies anyways, is the FCC or FBI going to hunt me down and arrest me or something? Are there any past actions by the government of this violation that you can find? (I'm a minor).

- Looking for someone to talk to...

A: Dear Looking...,

This website describes what can happen to you if you use your walkie-talkies improperly without a license:
A lack of licensing, and ignorance of rules and proper operating practice tends to facilitate the growth of chaos. No one is served by limited spectrum space unless they have some idea how to use the radio and understand that they are responsible for their actions. Even in some services where a license is NOT required you can still face serious consequences for improper use of a radio ( base, mobile, or hand-held.) If you misuse a radio in the Marine Radio Service you could face Federal penalties when you are identified and located by the Coast Guard. Radio station licensing goes back many years even before the FCC was created. At the dawn of radio so much interference was generated between broadcasters that the Federal Radio Commission was created to license and channelize broadcasters. The trick with licensing today is to make it easy enough so that the average citizen who needs GMRS can understand the necessity for licensing and yet still be able to complete the application. That's where the many REACT organizations and the Personal Radio Steering Group come in.
Just be safe. Get registered. Have fun.