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Question #24973 posted on 05/04/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does anyone else a feel a little unsure about the idea of
a ward "Break the Fast"?


A: Dear Acrylic,

"Unsure" as in "it seems a little weird under the circumstances"? Yeah, the whole Break the Fast concept is a little odd, but it can also serve an important purpose for young single adults.

But, like many interesting ideas, it all depends on the spirit and purpose behind the activity.

On one level, Break the Fast seems to be an odd excuse to have a party... especially when we're supposed to be paying close attention to our Fasting and the underlying prayer. So, it can serve as a temptation to break your fast before you otherwise would.

At the same time, a lot of singles don't have the means to prepare a good Sunday meal. A potluck get-together allows people to pool their resources and have a more effective Sunday meal. So, if done in the right spirit, it is a pretty good idea.

That said, Break the Fast is rarely done in the right spirit... kind of like Ward Prayer (Stare). Bishops succomb to the informal social pressure to get their ward members married... preferrably to each other (improves the numbers... 2 for 1 deal) and create silly excuses to get people together for a "spiritual" gathering.

So... yeah... Break the Fast is a little odd. I personally think the ward should let people break the fast in their own way.

Then, of course, we have the infamous "Linger Longer."

But that is another rant altogether.

That is all.

A: Dear Acrylic-

Apparently, yes, some do. I think it's a good idea, though. Here's why:

The Church exists for a couple reasons. First, it allows us to access the ordinances of salvation. This is very important. However, the second reason is also of immense value: we are a community and (ideally) help and strengthen one another through fellowship as brothers and sisters, all sons and daughters of a common Father.

Though it could be handled better in many cases, singles' wards exist to facilitate flirting, dating, and eventually, marriage; there's nothing wrong with that. (There's a lot right with it.) Thus, in a BYU singles' ward, one of the legitimate purposes of the ward is to provide opportunities for church members to progress toward spiritual goals--including the "New and Everlasting Covenant" of eternal marriage.

Thus, it seems a "Break the Fast" can help people in several ways: it serves as a reminder of Fast Sunday, it helps members build friendships, and it can help individuals progress toward marriage. Of course, a poorly run "Break the Fast," like other programs or events when poorly run, can actually work against the achievement of these legitimate objectives, but the "idea" of it is good.

-The Franchise