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Question #2512 posted on 01/17/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Another good place to get computer wallpaper is the National Geographic Website. There is a Picture of the Day feature that always has interesting shots. http://lava.nationalgeographic.com/pod/

- Keeper of the Sciences and Maps

A: Dear Readers:

Good site! I just need to point out that this comment was not submitted by myself, and therefore I can claim no credit.

In addition, impersonating a 100 Hour Board writer is a felony under Sec 413.54#12 of the Utah penal code and carries a minimum sentence of 3 years in jail, 10,000 hours of community service (writing for the Board, of course), and a $5000 fine (to pay for pizza parties for us). You have been warned.

-- The One True Keeper of the 100 Hour Board