"Yes, ice machine" -- Hotel Employee on phone to Petra
Question #2524 posted on 01/17/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Just a comment regarding the response about Latro's girlfriend(s). Having been quite enomored with Latro for the better part of two semesters, I have to agree with §åû®μ$. The beard was killer. I was sad to his bare face when I returned from summer holiday last semester. And no matter what Latro says, he doesn't suck, and has always been a great and loyal friend to me (even when I didn't necessarily deserve it). Did I mention he also has a really fun motorcycle?

- The hostess of many a dinner party

A: Dear hostess,
I hope being enomored isn't painful.
-the Spelling Chequer
A: Dear Hostess and SC,

It can't be as bad as being denomored. And, though Latro did look smashing with his beard, I think he looks even better clean shaven.


ps. I think I know who you are.