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Question #25592 posted on 06/06/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I noticed that on the movies Fletch and Fletch Lives, Chevy Chase uses a number of different aliases such as "Billie Jean King" and "Ted Nugent." It occured to me that many of these aliases were real people. I mean, Billie Jean King was a tennis player and Ted Nugent is a hard rocker.

I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of all of the aliases he uses in the two movies, and, if so, which ones are the names of actual other people/characters and what those other people/characters were famous for.

Can you help me out on this one?

- The Former 786

A: Dear The Former,

This website has a comprehensive list, plus photos of some of the real life people, plus a sound file of Chevy Chase saying he's all of those people. Normally I'd tell you to go to the site and be done with it, but just for you, I'll compile the information here, with links to the corresponding Wikipedia articles:

NameReal Person?Why famous
Baba au RumNoPopular French pastry
Arnold BabarNoCartoon elephant, appeared in children's books and films
Eldridge CleaverYesProminent civil rights leader, Black Panther
John C---tolstoy*Non/a
Don (Vito) CorleoneNoFictional "Godfather" of Mario Puzo's eponymous novel, played by Marlon Brando in the films adaptated from the novel
Jane DoeYes and noStandard name for an anonymous female in a legal setting (can be a fictitious name for a real person or simply a fictitious name)
Fletch F. FletchNon/a
Geometry FletchNon/a
Elmer Fudd GantryNo; NoElmur Fudd is a Warner Brothers cartoon character, famous for his unsuccessful attempts to kill Bugs Bunny. Elmer Gantry is a con man in Sinclair Lewis' novel by the same name. Burt Lancaster played him in the film adaptation.
Ed HarleyNon/a
Hank (Heinrich) HimmlerYesOne of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, commander of the SS and the Gestapo
Victor HugoYesFrench poet and novelist, wrote Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Billy Jean KingYesTennis player
Peter LemonjelloNon/a
(G.) Gordon LiddyYesWorked on Richard Nixon's campaign, one of the "White House Plumbers" involved in the break-in that led to the Watergate scandal
NostradamusYesFrench physician and astrologer, noted for (supposedly) highly accurate prophecies
Ted NugentYesHard rock guitarist, former member of the Amboy Dukes
Mattress PoliceNon/a
Mr. P---*Non/a
Mary PoppinsNoFictional English nanny, major character in a series of children's book, played by Julie Andrews in the film adaptation
Dr. RosenNon/a
Dr. Rosenp----*Non/a
Dr. RosenrosenNon/a
Bobby Lee SchwartzNon/a
Claud Henry SmootNon/a
Alan StanwykNoCharacter in the move "Fletch," impersonated by Chevy Chase's character
Igor StravinskyYesRussian composer and musician
Harry S. TrumanYes34th President of the United States
Peggy Lee ZorbaYes; NoPeggy Lee was an American Jazz singer; "Zorba" may refer to the main character in Nikos Kazantzakis' novel "Zorba the Greek."
*name edited

There's an hour I'm not getting back.

- Katya