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Question #25673 posted on 06/12/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Horatio,

I was surprised to see you sign your name as "Horatio the Qatari" on Board Question #25563 today, because I live in Qatar! So, tell me, assuming that you have lived in Qatar, when and how long did you live here? Did you like living here? Anything you want to say about it? I was really surprised because hardly anyone even knows where it is, making it awkward when i explain where I live to people in the States. Well, shukran!

- Diva in Doha

A: Dear Doha Diva,

If you're there right now... I feel sorry for you. Doha in the Summer is like living inside a hair dryer. I ain't never felt something that hot!

I have never "lived" in Doha, but I am currently working on a contract which took me to Qatar. So, when I responded to "Bored in Yemen" (just in case you didn't understand his transliterated Arabic), I decided to refer to the other Gulf country which I knew.

So, I have spent some time in Qatar, but never really "lived" there. I have lived through a dust storm, if that is good enough. I have also been a visitor at the Doha Ward.

I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to live there, if not the weather. I'm looking forward to returning to Doha in the near future.

That is all.

Horatio... An American Werewolf in Doha
A: Dear Diva in Doha,

My cousins lived in Qatar for a few years. They were...bored, I guess. And it was hot. Then they moved to Saudi Arabia, where they were...bored, I guess. And hot. Now they live in Kuwait, where they are...bored, I guess. And hot. It's quite the lifestyle.

(For the record, I don't think those countries are necessarily boring; I think it's more likely that my terminally-cool-in-his-own-mind 13 year old cousin would claim to being bored anywhere in the world.)