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Question #2599 posted on 01/21/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board, (and BAWB)
This is more of a comment. With all this talk of religion/politics, there is an interesting article in the deseret news today. It involves our dear friends at the ACLU. They are a little upset because at Olene Walker's inauguration there were opening and closing prayers given. It should be noted that the prayers were given by President Faust and a reverend of a different denomination. And yes, Olene Walker is LDS. Surpisingly enough, ACLU didn't have any complaints about Rocky Anderson's inauguration, although it contained multiple musical numbers - particularly about Christ. But it's all okay, because Rocky Anderson doesn't belong to any church. What a bunch of garbage. Here's the link:


Are we still in Missouri?