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Question #26060 posted on 07/08/2006 3:01 a.m.

A question I post-

At the Newport and Redlands California temples I saw a symbol I was wondering the meaning of. Also one of the temple workers at Newport had a tie tack with this on it. It was an eight-pointed star (2 squares, one off-set 45 degrees or so). I'd never seen it before, and was wondering the meaning, if you know it. thank you-

Haliomi Qwheik Laghuaffa

A: Dear Haliomi Qwheik Laghuaffa,

The symbol you are referring to is called the "Seal of Melchizedek."

The following is from Nibley's "Temple and Cosmos":
Another Ravenna mosaic, e. A.D. 520, shows the priest-king Melchizedek in a purple cloak, offering bread and wine at the altar (Gen. 14: 18-20). The white altar cloth is decorated with two sets of gammadia, as well as the so-called "seal of melchizedek," two interlocked squares in gold. Abel offers his lamb as Abraham gently pushes Isaac forward. The hand of God reaches down to this sacred meeting through the red veils adorned with golden gammadia on either side. The theme is the great sacrifice of Christ, which brings together the righteous prophets from the past as well as the four corners of the present world, thereby uniting all time and space.
That should be what you are looking for. Sorry it took so long to find.

-Pa Grape