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Question #26314 posted on 03/14/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Just theoretically, what would be the punishment for a freshman caught opening a fire exit door into a dorm populated by the opposite sex. Let's say, S Hall? What if they weren't caught breaking in but they played a prank and people knew who it was? Also theoretically.

Well, you're a smart one. If you were to hypothetically go ahead with everything you've hypothetically stated, you'd get in trouble, yes. Anything involving serious joking/pranks/violations usually involves the Honor Code office, jeopardizes future semesters for you at BYU, and goes down in your permanent record in the University (see our post about "permanent record" on our archives.) I just wouldn't mess with it. But you're a freshman, so it's inevitable; therefore just be wise in your decisions and who finds out about what you do.
- Zorro