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Question #26946 posted on 01/17/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How much money does Dining Services make off Dining Plus?
--Twinkie Face

A: Dear Twinkie,
"HAHAHA!" said one Cannon Center employee who we will call "Lenny". Lenny implied that Dining Plus was a bigger racket than the bookstore (and that is some feat!). Dining Plus users, you get $264.60 per month for food. Which seems like an obscene amount of money to spend on food. (It should be noted that my roommate spends $60 a month on food and is quite healthy).
Dining Services charges students $1,433 per semester to have dining plus. That's $358.25 per month. That divides into $13.27 per day (note the $3.47/day discrepancy between that and the $9.80 they put on your card each day). I think we can safely conclude that even if they didn't make any money off their actual food services, they would be taking $374.76 per semester to the bank per student.
According to the On Campus Housing Office there are 2,308 students on campus who have Dining Plus. 2,308 times $374.76 per semester equals $864,946.08 PER SEMESTER and that's just not even profit on what they sell... they just get that much. Try thinking of it as a membership fee. As for net profits... those aren't available, BYU being a private institution and all. Hope that helps
- Kronk, Glad I Was Never a Freshman at BYU
posted on 01/24/2003 midnight
Dear Person Who Has Lived in (and supposedly paid for) Both Worlds (Board Question #26946)

According to the BYU Dining Services web site (http://www.byu.edu/signaturecard/fall2002.html) the cost for JUST the meal plan is $1,433/semester. And, if you go to the housing web site and compare rooms with meal plans and those without, the difference is also $1,433 per semester (see http://www.byu.edu/housing/onc/rates/her_shared.html).

Do know whom you were making those checks out to? Maybe you should see if you owe the school a few thousand dollars...
--A Member of the Omniscient Board (living happily off-campus)