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Question #2702 posted on 01/28/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

- I was wondering... if people are bald, what do they put on their drivers license?

~Hair Lover For life

A: Dear Life Long Locks Lover,

Amazingly enough, and this is phenomenal cause you would never think of this, they put bald. Believe it or not, the obvious answer sometimes is the answer.

In Utah, when a law enforcement agency pulls up a licence, a three letter abbreviation for the hair color shows up:
BLK: Black
BLN: Blonde
BLU: Blue
BRO: Brown
GRN: Green
GRY: Grey
ORG: Orange
PLE: Purple
PNK: Pink
RED: Red
SDY: Sandy
WHI: White
BLD: Bald

These codes can vary by state but are pretty similar throughout the nation.

Hope you and I never have to use that last code!

-CGNU Grad
A: Dear Hair,

My dad is bald.

- Beemer Boy